Taurus Trip Day 3/5 (Koblenz to Zwickau)

Taurus Trip Day 3/5 (Koblenz to Zwickau)

This night all of us spent in a small nice hotel in the village near the Mosel river.

Group picture in the morning. Andris and Gabi (left) are traveling by glider since 8 years. Thomas (center) since 1983!!! 

Late start, because the sky is still blue in the east, where we needed to go. Passing Frankfurt in the North.

View onto Koblenz right after take-off:

Sitting in the Taurus is very comfortable, almost like sitting in one of the "stressless chairs". The pilot in command sits on the right, because then the flaps are left and the stick can be controlled with the right hand. 

The thermals are still week, because of warm air. We only have 500m to work with between cloud base and starting the engine. The first 100km take forever. At 3:30pm we still have 250km left towards Zwickau. The Taurus was full of bugs we can not reach the nice cloud streets in the begining. The engine helps at some point (to extend our gliding ratio)

Finally nice clouds... but too late, this one started raining soon.


Arriving in Zwickau at 7:10p.m. Taxiing to the hangar, found a free spot there for the Taurus for the night. Mathias from the airport was leaving towards home, so I could join him to the train station and was sitting in the train to Dresden 20min after landing.


I became an uncle two weeks ago. The plan of meeting Hilda during the trip worked, Hello sweet Hilda Sarina :-)!