Taurus Trip Day 4/5 (Zwickau to Burg Feuerstein)

Taurus Trip Day 4/5 (Zwickau to Burg Feuerstein)

Zwickau seemed to be the right choice. When I came back from Dresden it was overcasted all the time. The blue sky began in Zwickau. 

 Overdeveloment of the clouds started early. We started at 11am and flew through rain right after start. The forecast of topmeto weather forecast was very good. It told us uncertain weather with rain, overcast and sun changing and moving fast. 

We flew a bit zig-zag, sometimes entirely back for 10km in order to stay airborne. We managed to not need the engine.

At some point we were flying into the rain, because this was the only hope for lift... it worked, we found one.

30km north of Burg Feuerstein.The weather got very good.

We landed in Burg Feuerstein and I went to Nürnberg to visit Friends coming back to the airport in the next morning.