Taurus Trip Day 5/5 (Burg Feuerstein to Mengen)

Taurus Trip Day 5/5 (Burg Feuerstein to Mengen)

In the moring I came back from Nürnberg, where I visited friends. Arndt got a bed at the airport for the night. Target for today was Mengen, where we started our trip 5 days ago. 

We fly west of Nürnberg CTR, clouds get less and less, more stable air brings less climbing 

We managed multiple times to find lift in 500m altitude... but at some point we have to use our "two stroke range extender".

Usually we would have flown towards better weather or land and fly the last 70km on the next day, but we have to get home. 

We contacted Mengen for a weather report. Another aircraft in the trafic pattern told us there are two raining areas next to the airport and that they would probably not move directly over the airport. 

We hurry when putting the glider into the trailer, only a few drops reach us. We get dinner in the airport restaurant and get back to the Taurus to clean it properly. In the moring we will give it back in Donauwörth.