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Airport Description (in English) Sight seeing possibilities (in English) Link
Aalen-Elchingen Regular gliding activity from May to September 7 days / week.
Achmer Regular gliding activity on Weekends and listed dates, on other workdays please call for towing.(March>end of October)
Aeroclub Valle d'Aosta - Aosta LIMW - Regular gliding activity, please call for towing Aosta City 3km
Aerodromo de Ocaña Daily flights from 15 january to 20 december, swimming pool open in summer Toledo 60km Madrid 64Km
Aerodromo La Mancha LEMX Flight Club Clavileño, activity usually Saturdays and Sundays in the summer and on request with a minimum of gliders can be flown every day.   Very near the town of Don Quixote (El Toboso), visit the windmills in Campo de Criptana, Toledo provincial capital 100km.
AGRINION AIRFIELD Regular gliding activity during weekends (and working days if requested). 1 hour drive from Lefkas Island and Patra , 30 minutes driving from Messologi, 45 min from Nafpaktos , archaeological museum and ruins.
Ailertchen EDGA Regular gliding activity during weekends and holidays (at working days if requested) Good point of depature for hill country flights. Direction North - East is nearly airspace limitation free and blessed by good thermals.
Airport Raznany LZRY Gliding club and Ultralight base Sabinov reached by 30min walking, Sabinov's swimming pool 30min walking, Presov reached by 30min walking and 30min by train
AJDOVŠČINA (LJAJ) Airport facilities are located approximately 150 m south of the RWY. Service for minor repairs to aircraft... For our seeing possibilities (see Our aeroclub volunteer can arrange free bike or motorbike/scooter renting (contact +386 41659182 or
Altdorf-Hagenhausen Regular gliding activities on weekend and holidays. Winch tows and Aerotows (TMG) . City of Nuremberg with castle about 30km away. Horse back riding about 2km away. Excelent conditions for hiking and biking.
Altena-Hegenscheid EDKD
Älvsbyn Högheden Club house with kitchen, restrooms, lounge and a workshop. Showers, souna and laundry room availible. 6 rentable cabins.
Angers Marcé
Anspach/Taunus Regular gliding activity
Arboga Daily aerotow on demannd, call 24h in advance. Hjälmare kanal / Hjälmare dock 2km.
Arnborg ( EKAB ) Glding activity on daily basis from April to October
Attendorn-Finnentrop EDKU Regular gliding activity on Sat/Sun; flying camp 04.07.-18.07.2015
Aue bei Hattorf regular activities, guest camps all over the year, towing possible with HK36TTC (max. 750kg) several showplaces in region "harz mountains", outdoor pool (1km), several lakes and activity possibilities
Augsburg EDMA Non-regular gliding activity during weekdays, please call for towing. Keep in mind-D(HX)! Contact Augsburg Tower prior to entering airspace. Fuggerei (oldest social housing complex in the world, still in use)
Aukrug Self launch on request, no aero tow, gliding activity on weekends Ole Huus, Naturpark Aukrug, Hamburg and Kiel just an hour by train, North Sea and Baltic Sea ~1 hour by car
Bad Neustadt/Saale
Baden-Baden Oos Weekends / Holidays: Regular gliding activity Baden-Baden, Black Forest
Ballenstedt-Harz world heritage city Quedlinburg (10km), reached by public transport
Banesti 7/7 starting from march to october. Great area for gliding easy acces in to the mountain area. Powerfull winch 300 hP allow tow up to 650m monoplaces. Easy acces to the touristic area of Prahova Valley and to the vineyard zone
Barcelonnette Saint-Pons Regular gliding activity (everyday from March untill November) All kind of montain activity see:
Bayreuth EDQD
Békéscsabai LHBC Regular glider activity. Some nice cities and spas in 10 km.
Békéscsabai LHBC Regular glider activity. Some nice cities and spas in 10 km.
Benesov LKBE The Glider Aerobatic Club made every Day from Mai till end of september Aerotow by motoraircraft possible. The director speaks german.
Bergneustadt Auf dem Dümpel Regular gliding activities normaly at weekend and holidays. Please call for towing on all other days.
Berlinchen Guest flying camps of various clubs from 12th July to 20th July and 02nd to16th August. During this period are there dayly regular gliding activities. South of the Mecklenburg Lake District and southwest of the Müritz National Park. The biggest lake is called “Müritz”.
Berliner Heide Berliner Heide is an Gliding, Motorgliding and Ultralight PPR-Airfield with regular gliding activities at the weekend and in the holidays. Towing by aircraft not guaranteed. Gliding activity depends on weather conditions and the attendance of enough club members. Please contact us before you fly to our Airfield.
Bezmiechowa Rzeszow Technical University airfield
Bezmiechowa Regular gliding activity (MAR-NOV), moutain airfield with inclined runway on a slope - landing for pilots experienced in moutain glidingonly! All those places can be reached by regional buses, car-pooling or hitchhiking (100% legal and rather popular here). Lesko (8 km)&Sanok (20 km). Solina Lake (25 km) - swimming, fishing, boat renting. Bieszczady moutains (approx. 50 km) - hiking, climbing.
Białystok/Krywlany EPBK
Bielsko-Biala, Aleksandrowice, EPBA
Bihac Golubic Airfield for sport activities: glider, UL, motor flight and parachute jumping. We have custom office in airfield from 01.06 to 31.10. every year. Come and see National park UNA and National park PLITVICE, 20 km away. We have beutifull river UNA, we can arange rafting for you and flying route to all Bosnia. We have lee-wave over our airfield. Come and see all this.
Blaubeuren Regular winch activity at the weekend towing during the week on request A public Swimming Pool abot 20 minutes to go, also to the Blautopf. The Blautopfis a spring that serves as the source of the river Blau in the karst landscape on the Swabian Jura's southern edge.The City and the Cathedral of Ulm 30 Minutes by bus.
Blumberg (EDSL) Regular gliding activity. Take a ride in a old steam train which is next to the airfield.
Bordeaux Leognan Saucats Regular gliding activity, but please contact us before coming to check the availability. Near the airfield there are many of very famous wine Château and also a very nice middle age casttle: chateau de la Brède.
Borghorst- Füchten Regular gliding activity, for irregular towing please call
Borghorst- Füchten Fliegerlager Flying camp of our own club for two weeks
Borken-Hoxfeld (EDLY) Borken-Hoxfeld airport with regular gliding activity. PPR airfield. Airfield run by LSV Borken. For other starting days than the listed contact us.
Borkenberge (EDLB) Camping side direct next to the airfield
Borsk ex military airfield Wdzydze Lake
Brandenburg Mühlenfeld Non-regular gliding activity, please call for towing City Brandenburg an der Havel
Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Non-regular gliding activity, please call for towing City Braunschweig can be reached by public transport within a half hour
Brilon EDKO Regular gliding activitiy on weekends. Please call for towing.
Brockzetel Regular gliding activity at weekend
Bronkow EDBQ Regular gliding activity on weekends and during summer-camps There is not too much to see here really. One sight would be the famous Overburden Conveyor Bridge F60 wich is not too far away. Some lakes are there too within maybe a 20 minute drive.
Burg Feuerstein EDQE Regular gliding activity City of Bamberg and Nuernberg in the vicinity
Cambridge Gliding Centre (Gransden Lodge Airfield) Cambridge Gliding Centre: regular gliding activity Cambridge 20km
Celle Scheuen We have a nice glider airfield close to the village Scheuen In short distance of 6 km is the old city of Celle with a beautiful castle
Celle-Scheuen regular gliding activity (mar. to Oct.) on every weekend (Sa.& Su.) and bank holiday City Celle - Centrum build in old half-timbered houses
Cerdanya Aeroport
Châlons-Ecury Regular gliding activity
Cham Janahof Non-regular gliding activity during the week, please call for towing! Towing at the weekends is no problem! Beautiful landscape of the Bavarian Forest. You can enjoy the good thermals in the air or the different outdoor-activities on the ground.
Chambery - Challes les Eaux
Cholet Airfield and glider club with hangar available on request. CALL TO CHECK BEFORE. Good possibilities in G (or few E) Class. Several amusement, aquatic or nautical places in the neighbors, one hour (or less by flight!) from the first Loire Valley Castle or city.
Clone of Halle Oppin (EDAQ) Regular gliding activity, Soaring frequency: 129.97
Courtelary Glider activity on weekends. During the week only occasional glider activity. Towing can usually be organized. City of Biel can be reached by public transport in 1 hour / area is great for hiking
CVV ITXASSOU 64 FRANCE LFIX regular gliding activity, please call
Czestochowa Rudniki open every day in summer Czestochowa cathedral and city is 15km away
Dala-Järna Regular gliding activity
Der Dingel Regular winch lauching at weekends and public holidays as well as 1-2 weeks holiday camps absolutely unique and fantastic gliding field
Der Dingel Regular winch lauching at weekends and public holidays as well as 1-2 weeks holiday camps absolutely unique and fantastic gliding field
Der Ring Schwalmstadt
Dinslaken Schwarze Heide
Dornberg Sontra Aerotow can be arrange, please contact
Dorsten am Kanal april – september on weekends and holidays; PPR Moviepark Germany, ca 10 min with train; ruhrgebiet can be reached in ca 30mins by car or bus
Dunakeszi (LHDK) Regular gliding activity, but no aerotows in the weekends. For weekday operations please call or email in advance. Ten minutes walk to the railway station, Budapest, the capital city is 20 minutes by train, with lots of sights and activities.
Düsseldorf Wolfsaap Gliding activity only on weekend, please call dir towing City Düsseldorf can bei reached by public transport within 40 minutes
EBWE - Weelde Only Weekend Gliding Activity
EBZH Please call for towing on weekdays City of Hasselt at 5 km. Public bus available hourly. Open air history museum Bokrijk at 3km
EBZW - Zwartberg Regular Gliding activaty on weekends and wednesday afternoon. During weekdays, tow needs to be aranged and is on best effort base. Genk City; mining museum, etc within 10 km
EDAG Flugplatz Großrückerswalde 2017 many possibilities, public transportation may be difficult
EDAG Flugplatz Großrückerswalde Senioren 2017 many possibilities, public transportation may be difficult
EDAG Flugplatz Großrückerswalde Sommer 2017 many possibilities, public transportation may be difficult
Edessa Gliding Club Regular gliding Activity during weekends (and working days if requested), self launch on request Waterfalls at Edessa town, Pozar Thermals 35km) Excelent conditions for hiking and biking, in winter Ski resort Voras,(15km), Lake Vegoritida (5km) Thessaloniki town (120km), ancient ruins of Fillipos (Great Alexander's Palace in 35km),.....
EDEW Walldürn Please call beforehand for towing Limes and roman bath 1km
EDGQ (Flugplatz Schameder) Summer flying camp of FSV Schameder e.V. wounderfull mountains (Rothaargebierge)
EDGW Wolfhagen Graner Berg Kassel, Kassel Bergpark, Edersee
EDKA City Aachen
EDMS Straubing we are open every day from 7p.m. Landing with glider can also be made later in the evening. Towing during the week can be arranged. you can get a bike at the Hotel/Restaurant at airport and visit Straubing or Regensburg
EDOZ - Flug- und Schulbetrieb
EFNU Nummela Regular gliding activity between MAY and SEP. Next to Nummela town, Helsinki only 30 km away. Helsinki, for planning gliding safari in Finland use this
EFSO Link for the Landing Chart (LDG)
Eisenhüttenstadt Please call for towing in advance, towing can be orginized during the week by UL
Elblag(EPEL) Regular gliding activity
EPKO Korne
EPLS Regular gliding activity


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